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Online Pathways Program 1B

Pathways 1B Online Course Overview

Welcome to Online Pathways 1B!

Each week, we will start with a “START HERE” video that introduces the module and outlines its objectives. If your Zoom class is on Tuesdays, new videos will be released on Thursdays, giving you five days to watch, take notes, and prepare your 3-2-1 reflections to bring to class the following Tuesday.

Weekly Structure:

1. START HERE Video:
– This video will serve as your introduction to the week’s content, including objectives and key topics.

2. Module Content:
– Example Week:
– Topic: Importance of Learning the Language
– Video: 4 min 53 sec, featuring our Division Manager, Ahuginąįga. Watch and complete a 3-2-1 reflection or fill out a Question & Response form.
– Alphabet: Several videos online. Watch the 2 min 21 sec Pathways video and read the Alphabet Chapter in PDF form.
– Self-Introduction: Watch the 1 min 23 sec video and complete a 3-2-1 reflection. Submit by 4:30 PM on Monday.
– Total Time: 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

3. Additional Weekly Video:
– Each week may also feature a new instructional video.

Tuesday Zoom Sessions:
– Opportunity for students to ask questions about their work.
– Formative assessment activities (Quizlet, Wordwall, Kahoot, breakout rooms, etc.) to practice the language.
– End of session: Announce the new “START HERE” video to be released on Thursday.

– Quizlet
– Pathways Website [](
– YouTube: Videos listed in weekly schedule
– Online Dictionary
– eLearning App (May 2024)

Join us each week as we explore and practice the language, ensuring an engaging and interactive learning experience!