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The Hoocąk Waaziija Haci Language Division and the Ho-Chunk Nation Education Department collaborated in making EeCooni possible. This ongoing relationship will continue to ensure our next generation of Hoocąk speaking children. EeCoonį is located at Christmas Mountain at Wisconsin Dells. A Language Instructor, Eminent Speakers, and Language Apprentices speak to these children in Hoocąk. The children nurtured in the Hoocąk way. There are now 8 children at the center who are beginning to understand, think and speak Hoocąk.


Alberta Decorah   
Eminent Speaker
Location: EeCooni Learning Center
Email: Alberta.Decorah@ho-chunk.com

Lisa Cabasos  
Instructor II/Lead Teacher
Location: EeCooni Learning Center
Email: Lisa.Cabasos@ho-chunk.com