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The Ho-Chunk Nation (HCN) Department of Heritage Preservation is collaborating with the Indian Community School (ICS) of Milwaukee to offer “The Ho-Chunk Experience,” a historical, political, and cultural tour of Ho-Chunk people and their past, present and future.

The ICS and Ho-Chunk community members have reached out to the Ho-Chunk Nation officials and community members with the original intent of offering Ho-Chunk Language classes along with providing instruction on related elements of the People of the Big Voice. Currently, the Language Division is challenged to meet the local demand for instructors and classes.

The Ho-Chunk Experience is an alternative to the desired language course offered to the ICS for the 2018-2019 academic year from the HCN Department of Heritage Preservation. Unfortunately, only one day of instruction each month will be provided on the campus covering a variety of different topics themed each month. As well, supplemental learning materials and activities may be offered throughout the school year to ensure engagement and continuity.

The monthly themes and abstracts are provided below along with a learning goal with content targeted to meet that goal. All course presentations will be accompanied with (but not limited to) a PowerPoint/Prezi slideshow, audio/video resources, a review of related Ho-Chunk words/phrases sent prior each session and various topic-specific reference materials.

The classes are approximately 30 minutes and the chart below will show the Ho-Chunk Experience Class schedule (highlighted).

Download File For September