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Online Pathways Program 2.0

Class Description: The Online Pathway Program 2.0 benefits those who want to attend class but can’t due to location or scheduling. These classes will introduce a more advanced foundation of Hoocąk reading, writing and most importantly, speaking the language. Although this program is online, the student are required to meet with their instructor once a week by utilizing Google Hangouts as well as submitting weekly recordings.

Prerequisites: Before the first class, the student must complete the first Online Pathways Program. Accomadations can be made for advanced learners and students that learned Hoocak in high school classes.

Online Class Time: You will be required to meet with your instructor once a week. If you can’t meet with our instructor, you’ll have to let your instructor know ASAP. Preferably a two days’ notice.

Recordings: You’ll be required to submit recordings. Please utilize the Google number to submit your recordings. You’ll be required to submit your recording before moving onto the next lesson or unit.

Direct Response Sessions: This class will also be used for excused absence make up time and tutoring. Please schedule a time to meet during this time. You will have one week to make up your absence and request tutoring time for the unit we’re working on.

Preparation: A notebook is useful when taking notes on the videos. Also, please use your books to take notes and highlight information you need more instruction on.

Learner Responsibilities: As a student in this class, I expect you to:

  • Make mistakes, as a second language learner, we must be able to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Use the language at home as much as possible.
  • Take full responsibility for your own learning but ask questions if you’re not sure.
  • Be prepared for class
  • Act responsibly and reliably in Online Class time.

Instructor Responsibilities: As your instructor, I promise you that I don’t know everything but I will teach you everything I know. I’m here because I don’t want to see our language die. It’s only a matter of a few years before this becomes a reality. So, I will always be here for you. I will motivate you, encourage you and keep track of your progress within the program. We’re here together to help save the Hoocąk language. Therefore we must work together as a team and use our language in everyday settings.