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Eminent Speakers are the backbone of the Language Division. Our Eminent Speakers assist the Language Apprentice Program and Hoocak Academy through teaching the language, assisting curriculum development, and language preservation. Some of the eminent speakers are paired with a language apprentice to teach one on one, while others offer their own community classes. The Language Division would not exist without these extraordinary individuals. They are always available to answer your language learning questions, so make sure to say hi when you see them!



Elliott Garvin (Eminent Speaker Liaison)
Email: Elliot.Garvin@ho-chunk.com
Location: Black River Falls

Kolner, Maxine
Location: Black River Falls

Lowe Sr., Chloris
Kerejų ΄sepka (Coka)
Location: Mauston

Thunder, Gordon
Email: Gordon.Thunder@ho-chunk.com
Location: Executive Building, Black River Falls

Cleveland, Wilbert
Email: Wilbert.Cleveland@ho-chunk.com
Location: Tomah Office

Cecil Garvin


Email: Cecil.garvin@ho-chunk.com

Location: Madison