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 academy-logo-with-appliquesProgram overview:

The Hoocak Academy was created to provide Language materials, resources and instructional learning to the community. The resources created will help assist the everyday learner in his or her language journey. Some of the resources created are as follows; the website, fun interactive videos via YouTube, Pictures with recordings via Facebook and a fun interactive online learning program. The Hoocak Academy also provides great language worksheets, materials for classes and DVD’s.



Hoocak Academy Classes (upcoming classes):

  • Online Pathway Program
  • Independent Study Program
  • Community Language Baseball

Online Pathway Program Course Description:

The Online Pathway Program benefits those who want to attend class but can’t due to location or scheduling. These classes will introduce the basic foundation of Hoocak reading, writing and most importantly, speaking the language. Although this program is online, the student are required to meet with their instructor once a week by utilizing Google Hangouts as well as submitting weekly recordings.

Independent Study Program Course Description:

The Independent Study Program is geared towards those who want to learn Hoocak but would like to learn on their own. The Hoocak Academy will provide you with a “path” to follow along your language journey. This course is geared towards beginner level learners. The goal of this course is to set the foundation for further language learning and understanding.

Community Language Baseball:

This course is geared towards language learners who want to participate in a friendly team competition. The goal of this tournament is to promote Hoocak speaking in the workplace as well as at home. Class times will be made with the team and their coach. For more information regarding this course, please contact hane Yellow Thunder or Toree Jones.

Hoocąk Academy Staff:

Shane YellowThunder
Hoocak Academy Program Manager
Email: Shane.YellowThunder@ho-chunk.com
Location: Mauston Office

Toree Jones
Hoocak Academy Instructor Supervisor
Email: Toree.Jones@ho-chunk.com
Location: Mauston Office

Cecil Garvin
Waac Hanąžį
Hoocak Linguist
Email: Cecil.Garvin@ho-chunk.com
Location: Madison Area

Abend Wolters

Maaxi Horajewi

Language Audio Researcher
Location: Mauston Area

Dianne Low
Desktop Publisher/Graphic Specialist
Email: Dianne.Low@ho-chunk.com
Location: Mauston Office

Daryl Lonetree
Audio/Visual Multi-Media Specialist
Email: Daryl.Lonetree@ho-chunk.com
Location: Mauston Office

Jerod Stacy
Instructor II
Email: Jerod.Stacy@ho-chunk.com
Location: Black River Falls Office

Lisa Cabasos
Instructor II
Email: Lisa.Cabasos@ho-chunk.com
Location: EeCooni Learning Center

Carlyle Greendeer
Instructor II
Email: Carlyle.greendeer@ho-chunk.com
Location: Wisconsin Dells

Ashley Rave
Instructor II
Email: Ashley.Rave@ho-chunk.com
Location: Black River Falls Office

Samson Falcon
Instructor II
Email: Samson.Falcon@ho-chunk.com
Location: Tomah Office